Ocwen is widely recognized in industry and community advocacy group circles as a leader in foreclosure prevention, collaborating with community groups and grass roots organizations. Ocwen works closely with such organizations as The National Fair Housing Alliance; the National Training and Information Center; Project to End Predatory & Deceptive Real Estate Practices at the Community Law Center; the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group; and the National Association of Neighborhoods.


Ocwen has taken a number of steps that NFHA has encouraged and supported. Those steps include hosting, sponsoring and participating in foreclosure prevention forums and workshops, making the loss mitigation process more transparent to consumers, participating in the HOPE NOW Alliance, undertaking fair lending training, entering into partnerships with non-profit consumer advocacy and civil rights groups to promote fair lending and homeownership preservation, supporting fair lending efforts at the national and local levels and soliciting consumer advocacy and civil rights groups to participate in joint loss mitigation and homeownership preservation efforts. Ocwen is one of the few companies that participated as a sponsor and supporter of each phase of NFHA's anti-predatory lending educational media campaign.

Lisa Rice
President -- National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA)



We believe that [our] partnership has been a success because of a deep commitment on behalf of Ocwen to working with community-based organizations to gain a different perspective on foreclosure prevention, loss mitigation and real estate owned practices.

George Goehl
Executive Director -- National Training and Information Center



We have found that Ocwen makes a concerted effort to work with their customers, and to avoid foreclosure when possible...We are very grateful for the support Ocwen Financial Corporation has offered to our work.

Ocwen is clearly a partner in achieving sustainable homeownership...

Ocwen’s support of the Community Law Center and its initiatives in Maryland and nationally have been trend-setting and should be emulated.

Rob Strupp
Director of Research and Policy -- Project to End Predatory & Deceptive Real Estate Practices at the Community Law Center



Over the course of our partnership, Ocwen and PCRG have been able to return over 100 clients [in the Pittsburgh area] to performing loans.

Steven Shivak
Executive Director -- Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group (PCRG)



I am very pleased to recommend Ocwen Financial Corporation as an outstanding corporate citizen...Without equivocation, the National Association of Neighborhoods is proud of our ongoing relationship with Ocwen.

Ricardo C. Byrd
Executive Director -- National Association of Neighborhoods



I continue to be happy working with Ocwen. I believe we can keep people in their homes.

Sister Barbara Busch
Executive Director -- Working In Neighborhoods Action Organizing Project



[Ocwen] is responsive...

Keith Foster
Director of Enforcement & Compliance -- Toledo Fair Housing Center



We very much appreciate our partnership with Ocwen. As one of your business and advocacy partners we have been fortunate to have you support our efforts to help homeowners to cure mortgage defaults and save their homes from foreclosure. We have been particularly impressed with Ocwen’s willingness to think outside of the box to produce efficient and effective resolutions for at-risk homeowners. Thank you for your partnership!

Christine W. Gould
Chief Communications and Development Officer -- HomeFree-USA



With Ocwen's support, the Housing Center is more equipped and is better able to meet the demand of providing high quality housing counseling to borrowers in distress.

Michele Rodriguez Taylor
Co-Director -- Northwest Side Housing Center



Empowering & Strengthening Ohio’s People (ESOP) is proud of our partnership with Ocwen. Dating back nearly six years, we have worked together to keep hundreds of families in their homes around the state of Ohio. What really strikes me about Ocwen is that from the top down they have a culture of really wanting to assist homeowners and are not afraid to try new strategies to work with their customers. While ESOP has partnerships with numerous lenders and servicers, what makes our relationship with Ocwen so unique is they reached out to us to help our community.

Mark Seifert
/Executive Director -- East Side Organizing Project



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