Why Choose Ocwen?

Our Focus on Products and Service

Ocwen is a highly rated Special Servicer and prides itself on setting the standard for customer service, turn around times and speed of resolution.  Our seasoned, commercial servicing team is supported by the combination of globalization and leading technology allowing Ocwen to provide the highest levels of service and cost competitiveness combined with lower loss severity rates on non-performing loans and REO. 

Why Ocwen Commercial Loan Servicing?

  • Ocwen is a leader in loss mitigation for commercial servicing.
  • Our seasoned professionals, proven processes and leading-edge technology provide worry-free servicing and results-driven special servicing.
  • Obtain the benefits of leading commercial servicing software developed and refined based on our own experience servicing commercial loans.
  • Receive personal attention by dealing with a single point of contact with the expertise to resolve your most complex servicing challenges.
  • Ocwen has expertise in servicing complex CMBS loans, whole loans, and large and small balance loans. 
  • Whatever your loan portfolio, we can handle it!
  • Our nationwide scope of attorneys and service providers for any type of commercial loan adds benefit to your portfolio.



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