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At Ocwen, we constantly re-assess our strengths and challenge ourselves to improve upon who we are as an organization in order to better serve our customers. Consistent with our corporate values, we embrace change, emphasize teamwork and distinguish ourselves through the quality of the people with whom we work. Diversity and inclusion provide us with a tremendous opportunity to promote the values that have always guided our work.

We know that by fostering an environment that promotes inclusivity and encourages diversity of thought and experience, we are better positioned to understand customer needs and to reach new customers in neighborhoods we would like to serve. From our board room to our local loan officers, diverse teams enable us to deliver products uniquely tailored to those we serve, face challenges with resilience and better position ourselves for future opportunities.

Much of Ocwen’s success over the years is attributed to our ability to listen to the diverse perspectives of our stakeholders and our commitment to fostering a mutually respectful environment for our employees and business partners. At every level, we continue to embrace the values of diversity and inclusion, and will leverage our ideals as a catalyst for advancing our core strengths and assets as an organization.

Ronald M. Faris
President & CEO



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